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What is the best vacuum on the market for your budget, needs, & health

Buying a new vacuum can be confusing

Will the product solve my problems? Is it over priced? What is the repair & maintinence costs on the product?

There are more than 1200 factory vacuum service centers across the United States for 30 major brands and over 6 million vacuums sold annually.  Look at the vacuums through their eyes and experience.

Compare major brands such as:

Dyson-Shark-Sebo-Hoover-Electrolux-Simplicity-Bissell-Eureka-Fuller Brush-Miele-Carpet Pro-Kirby & More...

I don't have time! Just tell me what is the best:

What is the number #1 rated vacuum according to vacuuum industry experts, allergists, and carpeting manufacturers?


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